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My name is Catherine Adams and in March 2011 I sold my business and moved from a suburb of Vancouver, BC to a small town in the Okanagan region with my husband and 2 dogs.

Evolving Life in Transition is my place to write and share what I’ve learned about life from my past experiences and what I”m learning now as I go through another transition.

I share some personal changes I’ve gone through not because others have said I needed to change but because I’ve said I needed to change.  Living with anxiety and feelings of isolation is what motivates me to push for change, in myself, in areas that I didn’t like.  Changes that need to be made if I want to really enjoy my life; To live it fully!

Its here that I share and find my release.  You may find a connection and in that, find answers you are looking for or at the very least, you will realize that you are not alone with your fears.

We’re all connected. You are not alone.

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